Board Hire - Mackay Marina or Harbour Beach

So you’ve had a go at Stand Up Paddle Boarding and are ready to go out on your own! Pro Paddle offer a range of boards available to hire on an hourly/daily basis. Our boards are beginner friendly and suit various size paddlers.  

Pro Paddle is all about safety for the participant. The Mackay Marina, although enclosed, has many hazards. It is always safer to know what you are doing.  Knowing what you are doing, also allows you to have a much more enjoyable Sup experience. For those with no prior sup experience, a 15 minute Mini Lesson is essential for hire, however a full beginner Sup lesson is strongly recommended for participants that are new to stand up paddling. Experience is defined as knowing and being able to perform the following:

  • How to carry a board and paddle correctly
  • Know where to stand on board and keep in trim
  • Know how to hold paddle and paddle board forward
  • Maintain board control, demonstrating how to turn and stop
  • Fall safely and re-mount board
  • Demonstrate self rescue (prone/kneel paddling)

Hourly board hire is available during shop hours, or by pre-arranged appointment. We recommend phoning and booking a board to avoid disappointment.  Whether you are looking for a workout for the day or cruising around with friends or family, Pro Paddle have the board for you.

Rates for Board Hire- per board

Board hire with mini lesson $25 (If you have never been on a Sup before, must do mini lesson)
Hourly $20
2 hours $30
Half day (4 hours)
Full day (8hours) $60


  • Stand Up Paddle Board, adjustable paddle and leg rope.  Stinger protection provided in stinger season.

Terms and Conditions for Sup Hire

  1. A participant declaration for each person using hire boards, must be read and signed prior to commencement of hire.
  2. Hirer must be 18 years of age or over.  If under 18, must be accompanied by responsible adult or have a parent/caregiver present to sign form, however all Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an Adult of 18 years and above at all times. Paddle boards must be hired by the accompanying adult.  Minimum age for own board is 8 years of age.
  3. Hirer is deemed responsible for their own safety, as such, they participate at their own risk.
  4. The use of stand-up paddle boards is a recreational activity which carries certain risks. These risks include but are not limited to:
    a) personal injury;
    b) death by drowing
  5. Stand-up paddle boards should not be used by:
    a) anyone who is not a competent swimmer;
    b) any minor not accompanied by a responsible adult;
    c) any person that is not reasonabley fit and able to use and maneuver the stand-up paddle board;
    d) any person unde rthe influence of alcohol or any other drug
  6. Paddle boarding and surfing (even with accordance of its intended use) can be dangerous; you acknowledge you are exposed to the possibility of risks using the hired goods, including actions of others, weather, water conditions, physical hazards and such. These factors may result in injury to yourself, others or to the hired product being lost or damaged, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE & HAVE READ & UNDERSTOOD THIS WARNING AND RISKS.
  7. All hire fees must be paid prior to commencement of hire period.
  8. Hirer is accountable for any damage to hire equipment and understands further costs can be brought against them.
  9. The hirer acknowledges that the equipment which they are taking delivery of for the prescribed hire period is fit for the purpose intended, is free of defects and is in a serviceable and working condition
  10. Leg ropes are provided and must be worn at all times when on the water.
  11. All incidents or collisions that occur during hire period must be reported.

REFUND POLICY (Please click to view)